At Linehaul Express Services we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most up to date track and trace information. Our fleet is fitted with Automatic Vehicle Locator which allows us to control our fleet operation in a more concise manner as well as giving our customers the luxury of having the same information available to them at their fingertips.

Online AVL provides us with the tools to monitor, manage, maintain and communicate with our fleet. Online AVL is incredibly easy to use with most of our customers up and running within an hour of the technology going live. Full reporting allows us to provide reports, as well as schedule reports to be automatically generated and sent to any email address that you may request

The key features of Online AVL for our fleet management are:

  • Locate your freight on a map in seconds.
  • Establishing Geofence boundary lines so that LHES or the customer can receive alerts when drivers arrive at or leave specific sites.
  • Review a driver’s activity for the day for route optimisation, to see sites visited and to prove whereabouts.
  • Communicate with fleet drivers more efficiently by sending and receiving detailed job messages.
  • Send job addresses to the in-vehicle device so it routes our driver from point a to point b automatically.
  • Access to reports to help with timesheets, job logs, billing, KPI’s, SLA, customer queries and more.

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